Wednesday, April 21, 2010

An Interview With Myself

Bibb! Your blog sucks. It never was worth linking to anyway, but lately it has been even worse. What’s going on.
Agreed. Analog Guy has been neglecting that part of his digital world, big time.
That is not what I asked.
Sorry, been watching too many public figures. Been very busy. Stuff going on. Like, know what I’m sayin’?
If I knew I would not be asking. And easy with that street talk. I just might call you out. (smirk)
Sorry, forgot who I was rappin’ with.
OK, OK. I’ll stop.
Well, I have been trying to write this book.
Have we moved into the excuses portion of this post?
Damn it Bibb! There you go again. A simple yes or no still works. I know we are living in a time when hyperbole is barely sufficient. But spare me. We both are old enough to realize that truth - or the closest we can come up with - requires shades of gray 99% of the time. So keep “totally,” “exactly,” “ever,” and “absolutely” to yourself. Nobody believes you anyway. Well, most don’t.
But I hear people using those words on their cell phones in Starbucks all the time.
Even more reason. Where do you hear “Know what I’m saying?” Wal-Mart?
(Silence and a glare.) As I said, I am trying to put together a book.
And you are too busy doing research and writing to blog. Right? I suppose you have been traveling too.
Abso... Yes.
Well, why don’t you blog about your research.
Alright! Did you know that Arthur Krock, the famous New York Times Washington correspondent, winner of three (!) Pulitzer Prizes, who was presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Richard Nixon in 1970, was the informant on Mrs. Marion Willson's certificate of death in 1923? Her husband James then married Eda Turner, the ex-wife of W. Newman Clarke, the eldest son of Peyton Neale Clarke who wrote Old King William Homes and Families, the book that started all of my research. I can’t find any connection between Krock and Willson except that they lived in Louisville, Kentucky. As best I can determine Krock had already moved to Washington at the time of her death.
Right. Thank you for not sharing.
So what else has been going on?
How about me becoming a grandfather. Is that distracting enough for you?
Oh, stop it. You knew about Lily Rayne as soon as I did.
Good point, for once. So why haven’t you blogged about your granddaughter?
Didn’t you read my last post?
That was soooo almost three months ago. One post the day after she was born? Slack.
Now who is using slang?
Two good points in a row. You are on a roll. Now answer the question.
It is hard to write with a lump in your throat and tears in your eyes. I am so happy, so proud of my daughter, words just fail. Besides, pictures are worth a thousand word post. Try
Thanks for the link.
Be quick. At the rate Lily is growing she will soon be walking, talking, arguing, and developing innovative ways to drive her parents crazy. I can’t wait:)
You are getting into that grandparent thing aren’t you?
Did you know Grandparent’s day is September 12th this year? It is a bit cruel that it changes every year, the memory of us old farts being what it is.
Next topic...
Wait, here is a photo. I call it "Power to the People." It isn't the arm; look at the face.
Power to the People

Moving right along, any more excuses?
Did I mention her red hair?
No. Moving right along..
Well, how about the probability that if I started commenting on the great topics of the day - health care, global warming, the economy, the self-destruction of the Republican Party, and McNabb going to the Redskins - I just might throw up all over my keyboard. Really folks, like shooting fish in a barrel with a shotgun. I could kill those fish, but what would I look (or smell) like afterward? Mother told me that if I could not say anything nice, say nothing at all.
And you listened to your mother?
Listened? Sure. Followed her advice? Well, no.
So what are you sayin’?
See where it got me? Look. We live in a 24/7 world of hype, infotainment and general BS brought to us by strident jerks who not only have their own websites, but a cable “news” channel - that’s you FOX - and radio stations by the hundreds which are pissing in the well of human consciousness. Add to the din are less ideological but more frantic media that must rely on circulation, eyeballs, or hits to sell the advertising that keeps them in business. In this struggle to attract public attention truth and civility are the first victims. So we get appeals to hot button issues and half-baked content that will keep our attention long enough to get to the commercials or the political subtext. Despite what one might hear on the radio, see on the cable news, or read in a blog, the sky does not fall every day!
Are you finished?
No! But I’ll stop.
So is that the cause of your blogwriter’s block?
I was supposed to mellow out as I got older. Self-restraint will have to do. It takes time to respond to jerks and fools without becoming one with them. Until I have the time, there will be fewer posts. Besides, what Bibb thinks sometimes is better kept to himself.