Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election 2004

Today the world turns its attention towards our country and ponders the implications of our election results. I hope we give them reason to be proud of us, for a change.

I have already voted. North Carolina has started providing for early voting, no absentee excuses needed. This has proved very popular and may make today’s polling results less prone to question. I also used electronic touch-screen machines for the first time. It was fast and easy. If the security concerns can be addressed this method may see quick adoption.

I have been interested in politics ever since my father explained to me why he was an anti-Byrd Machine Democrat. My interest, and undergraduate degree in Political Science, coincided with the Viet-Nam War. I remember well the slow-to-dissipate bitterness, anger, and divisiveness of those days. Flag decals v. peace signs. But I also remember the idealism, hope and faith in our nation that ran through my generation. The civil rights, women’s rights, gay rights and environmental movements were proof to us that our system was open, that the benefits of living in a free society could be available to all. Wise decisions could be made if we just engaged in civil dialogue. After a pause and a counterattack from the Right, the bitterness, anger and divisiveness are back. But we seem to have lost that hope that our political system can provide the mechanism to curb our society's most unpleasant tendencies. Instead of civil dialogue we have “Crossfire.”

There is something almost medieval in the air, something pre-enlightenment. We seem not to have put to rest old demons. We are not living in the future many of us worked for, thought inevitable. This is my generation’s watch, and I am appalled. Maybe the children must lead us, again.


Malindi said...

as the Analog Guy's only child and life-long, straight B+ student, i hereby warn all future visitors of this site that the author, my dear father, is the smartest smart-alec i've ever encountered.

he is clever, intelligent beyond words, perceptive, positive, and usually (9 1/2 times out of 10) correct. any subject that he choses to defend will hold its own against any aggressor. any offensive move he makes, you can bet the farm he will gain yardage.

there is much to learn from men like my father ; i have taken every opportunity to do so over the course of my twenty-seven years, and i suggest you do as well.

Bibb said...

It seems that someone has take over my daughter's email account and is posting misleading information. Must be evil-doer propaganda designed to confuse and mislead. All freedom loving people should disregard.

Malindi said...

true, i might be crazy for admitting that you are usually correct, but it's high time to let you in on that secret.

maybe you don't know how much i look up to you - if you look closely, you'll see yourself in everything that i do. except shaving my legs. that's all me. ;)

Bibb said...