Friday, November 04, 2005



Last July I posted about The Economist, the news magazine. I mentioned,
"Of special note are the illustrations which frequently express an often bizarre British sense of humor that counterbalances the relatively dry, businesslike prose."
This was the cover of the issue I had waiting for me when I returned last Sunday. I really liked it. I am all about sharing...


Mona said...

Glad to meet another Virginian! I went to UVA.
Loved this cover. Isn't the Economist great? I got some hilarious pictures forwarded to me about bush in the wake of hurricanes...this one's right up there.

Bibb said...


Pleased to meet you. I too have a spent time in Charlottesville, an M.A. in the 70's. My dad was engineering school, class of 1940, but I ended up at Tech. I think he forgave me.

Yes, The Economist is wonderful. After spending time in an academic setting it is wonderful not to have a news magazine not talk down to you.

And I love your blog. My first trip to NYC was during my college days and I still remember the food. There was this chicken dish at a South American restaurant I can almost taste now, my first two hour lunch.

One of my favorite blogs is also based in NYC. Give them a hit. And you are invited back here anytime...