Thursday, April 05, 2007

Pollen Teaser

OK. After that overwhelming show of support for this blog - but before I start unloading in a major way - I will share what Mother Nature shares with all of us around here for a week or 10 days each spring, pollen.Pollen

I have never lived in a place where the pollen accumulates so. This year it seemed especially bountiful; it was everywhere. I am so glad I do not have an allergy to this stuff.

Neither photo really captures the messiness of it all. Local youth groups make a killing on Saturday car washes; washes like my car didn't get.Pollen2

Plant sex going on all around us. I'm surprised someone in the legislature of this Red state has not introduced a bill to shield us from this filth, especially the youth at those car washes.

I will explain the location of the second photo - pollen pooling after a rain - in my next blog. Just after I finish moving in.

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