Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Do Windows, and Doors

Porch Windows1Today it was cool, windy, and wet here, courtesy of an unnamed storm off the coast. But my back porch was warm, calm and dry. That is because yesterday I installed the sliding french door, thus finally enclosing the porch. Thanks to neighbor Ed who help me tote and lift at just the right times.

So the back porch is gone, transformed into the ...? If it were not on the north side of the house it would obviously be the sun room. We'll think of something. That is the old outside door leading to/from the porch leaning against the house. And Hokie cat surveying the mess. Porch Windows2

This project is among the things I have been amusing myself with over the last few weeks. It has gone close to planned, with opportunities to learn something new; that is, the process has been occasioned by the odd do-over. Making things up as I go passes for normal around here.

Now the weather has cooled and the site is enclosed the pace will quicken. Next comes the trim - inside and out - as well as siding covering the new knee wall. The old stairs will be replaced by a deck that will lead to a patio.

Even unfinished I can attest that the whatyamightcallit room is a great place to drink morning coffee and watch the sun come up.

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