Friday, December 19, 2008

Amazon Expedition 2008

MV Explorer Morning 3I am posting this somewhere (actually lat. 19 degrees, 13.32 N, long. 067 degrees 46.64 W) in the Caribbean aboard the MV Explorer, mothership of the Semester-at-Sea program of the Institute for Shipboard Education, currently academically sponsored by the University of Virginia. I posted about our plans last May. For more information try here, Enrichment Voyages.

All has proceeded according to plan; the ship is quite nice, staff and crew organized, helpful, and professional. The MV Explorer is perhaps the fastest ship of its class, capable of 30 knots. But we are loafing along about 17. We have experience a moderate amount of wind and wave action since leaving Nassau, precipitating a bit of lurching about, rolling stomachs, and my disinclination to type on a moving laptop. Thus a delay in getting this post up.

So far I have attended 4 lectures, with two more scheduled later today. All very well done. The educational component of this voyage is as I had hoped.

I will be posting photos in a folder on my Flickr account almost daily. If you are interesting in following along click here. As we have a good Wi-Fi set up, keep those emails coming. I will respond.

St. Barts tomorrow. I will post more observations when this screen stops rocking and rolling.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates. Please keep them coming. I like being reassured that you haven't gone for a swim!


Bob said...

Bibb and Anita

Congrats on pursuing this grand adventure. You know, I was always a bit partial to Richard Halliburton.

Bob Falls

Bibb said...

Actually Sue I did go for a swim yesterday, snorkeling in Colombier Bay on the coast of Saint Barts.

And Bob, I wonder how many of us see the name Halliburton and think Dick Cheney. Good to have you onboard with us.