Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Naughties

Ten years ago, besides fretting about and spending millions of dollars to head off the impending Y2K computer meltdowns, there was some real concern about how we were to describe the coming decade. There were a variety of suggestions that just did not seem right. We had the Double-Os, the Y2Ks, the Zeroes, the Noughties, the Singles, the 2000s, the Millies, and my favorite, the Oh-Ohs.

Well, decades tend to name themselves. Now after 10 years we know Wired Magazine got it right. Even though the Noughties seems to have traction, I submit we say good-bye this evening to the Naughties.

Yes, there is only one letter difference and it does take care not to pronounce the two words the same. But I would prefer to remember the decade's sweet-as-sin naughties rather than the zeros who were in charge of our economy, politics, and war-machine most of the time. (They know who they are.)

I am not hearing much discussion about 2010-2019. I suppose these could be the Twenty-Somethings, but it will probably be the Teens again. OK by me. I am perfectly content to be a Teenager again. With what I learned in the Naughties, this should be like totally F-word awesome.


malindi said...

i was "naughty" in '09, hence the presence of your #1 granddaughter! hahahahaha.... don't think about that too hard, okay. it might like totally f-word gross you out : )

Bibb said...

I forgot the "Aughts." And you didn't get doing you-know-what was naughty from me!!! I think.