Monday, August 22, 2005

Road Trip Report

courthouse_and_clerkAs my lack of posts might have indicated, I have been on the road. On the past two week-ends I have attended two reunions - the 76th Edwards family reunion at the King William Court House Sunday before last and the 30-year reunion of the Class of 1975 of King William High School last Saturday. Their senior year was my first as Assistant Principal at KWHS.

KWHSReunionIn between I managed to do some research - did I ever mention that I am writing a book or two? - at libraries at UVA, the College of William and Mary, the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, and the Virginia Historical Society. I also worked in a visit with my old friend John, my new friend Layla, and said goodbye to the family friend and minister who officiated at my wedding ten years ago. We will miss Jim Dorsett. Good man.

I also had two short visits with my mother, one also with my daughter, and spent some spare time preparing for my fantasy football draft, which was held last night.

Other than that I have not been up to much.

Oh, I managed to pick up a cold/sinus infection/whatever that manifested itself for the first time last night. Tomorrow I travel to Fayetteville to have new rotors mounted on front wheels of my car.

When I return Analog Man might have the energy to give one - or some - of these events the attention they deserve on these pages. Or he may not.

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