Saturday, August 27, 2005


TheWeekCoverShortly after lamenting on this blog of the sad state of U.S. weekly news magazines I received a promo letter for a magazine I had never heard of, The Week. It sounded interesting and seemed cheap. So I sent in the subscription card and waited. In short order I received my first copy.

Turns out The Week was first published in England less than ten years ago; the U.S. version is not quite five. In layout and tone it reminds me of the Economist. I suspect that is not an accident.

From their web site here is part of the Editor's letter introducing the U.S. edition:
Every week, our staff will scour more than 100 newspapers, magazines, and Web sites. We’ll distill into 40 pithy pages the best of what we find—the most important news, the most provocative commentary, the freshest ideas. In clear, concise writing, The Week will update you on the key controversies in government and politics. We’ll brief you on news and comment from the rest of the globe. We’ll highlight the most interesting stories from health, science, and business. We’ll tell you what the critics are saying about the latest in films, TV, theater, and the arts. To spice the stew, we’ll stir in some gossip and some fun. You’ll not only know what happened. You’ll know what the best minds are saying—conservative and liberal, independent and partisan, thoughtful and passionate. Our only agenda: To make reading The Week one of the most informative—and entertaining—experiences of your week.
I believe they have succeeded. I doubt I will ever feel the need to subscribe to Time or Newsweek again.


Fine Words Butter No Parsnips said...

Here's some global magazine-publishing trivia for you: India has a "The Week" magazine too. I used to read it every ... well ... every "week."

Given the British connection to the subcontinent, historywise, perhaps the two mags are related?

Who knows. And, in fact, who cares?

More importantly, check out this teaser, which is on the homepage of the Indian version of the magazine today:

"Zooming Guru: The meteoric rise of a swami who rides on a traditional cocktail of yoga and Ayurveda to reach the masses."

Gotta love India....

Bibb said...

I have added links to both the USA and India versions in the sidebar. The UK version seems not to have more than a promo website. Odd.