Sunday, May 15, 2005


MouseRugLast fall while visiting my daughter I noticed her unusual mouse pad; it looked like a rug. I used it a while and thought, "Christmas Present!"

I dropped a few hints. I even sent her the URL for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation design I wanted, which they seem to no longer sell. So on Christmas day I was very pleased, but not surprised, to open the present from my daughter and find a new pad.

I have been using it for almost five months and would like to report it is the best mouse pad I have ever used; no pad comes close. Besides looking way cool, this pad does something no pad I had previously used had done, it cleans my mouse.

Twenty years of using a mouse and the story had always been the same. Yuck collected under every mouse I owned. What a drag. It was especially bad before optical devices replaced the rolling ball style. At least once a week I would have to turn the little booger upside down and clean it. But not with MouseRug. The rug may get dirty, but the mouse stays clean. I have not had to clean my mouse since I began used MouseRug.

What a elegant solution to one of my most nagging personal problems. If all of life was this easy...

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