Tuesday, July 19, 2005


MalindiMy daughter has launched version 2.0 of her blog, now named Bellyfish.

As she started off with a photo of me from years past, I decided to follow suit.

Introducing the Divine Miss M (sorry Bette) practicing keeping one hand on the wheel. Her gestures have become more mature.

No, this will not lead to dueling photos. She must remember I still have the Wonder Woman photo.

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Malindi said...

Malindi retorts:

i see how it is. . . dueling photos might not be as bad as you think. i mean, how many pics of your buttcrack do i have? hummmmmm. . . let me think. . . just one. nice link to the WW undies, too. kinda freaked out a bit when i clicked on it.

doesn't it look like i'm flashing a 'hang ten' sign?