Thursday, July 07, 2005

It Had to Happen

iPodI am not sure which is more amazing, that it plays music or that it contains - at present - about 150 songs.

I supposed that now that I have an iPod they are no longer cool. TS.


Malindi said...

being cool isn't cool anymore dad. come on - who wants to be like the masses? you're YOU and YOU love music and so now that YOU are perfectly united with that iPod, i say 'jam on'!

Anonymous said...

The iPod may be cool, but I'm not so sure about the shirt . . .
Take care,

Bibb said...

M, figured out what TS stand for yet?

Gregg, the shirt actually looks better live. It is a Malaysian batik I bought in KL in '91. But yes, it does look a bit like those 70's polyesters we remember so well. Since I was packing to go to the Outer Banks for a week, I thought it captured the mood.

jam on...

Malindi said...

funny, but Gregg & i were thinking the same thing! i didn't post it because everyone knows you shouldn't slam your father's attire.

i assure you, Gregg, that dad does indeed look nice in the shirt when you see the whole picture. it makes his blue eyes shine!

but i will say that most people aren't wearing their pods 'round their necks. stick it in your pocket and look discreet. everyone will recognize the ear buds and instantly know that you're jamming.

TS stands for Tough Shit, right?