Wednesday, February 09, 2005

, Ever?

Last week while driving back home after getting my car serviced I was listening to WFAE, "Charlotte's NPR News Source." A young female reporter began a local news story something like this,
"City of Charlotte officials announced today that 25.1 million passengers used the Charlotte/Douglas International Airport facilities in 2004. This was the largest number of passengers using the airport, ever."
Ever? I was aware that NPR has been trying to appeal to a younger demographic. Fair enough, Bob Edwards notwithstanding. But "EVER?"

Dude, I am so totally down with that. Not!

Maybe I was not having my Best Day Ever.


dayna said...

Hey, from Canada.
I enjoyed reading your blog today. I was here a loooong time ago.

Bibb said...

Thanks dayna. You are welcome to come back anytime.