Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Uncle Pickett

PickettLast week I traveled to Virginia to visit with my mother and stepfather, do some research at the Library of Virginia, and spend some time with my aunt and uncle.

My uncle Pickett is 94, the last of my Edwards grandparent's four children. His wife Jean is 92 tomorrow. While she is still very active - driving, swimming at the Y, and shopping - Pickett is not. A variety of ailments keeps him at home most of the time. His vision is about gone and is deaf in one ear and can't hear out of the other. He needs oxygen frequently and has developed a spinal condition commonly known as a hunchback.

However his mind is clear, his memory intact and his mood inevitably cheerful. Even though the photo above was taken when he was only 91, I saw that same smile last week. While I am sure he is not entirely pleased with his current situation, he is dealing with it with dignity and grace. Besides being one of my few remaining windows into the world of my father's childhood and the lives of my grandparents, he is my hero. I hope I am still able to smile as he does when I'm 94.

Maybe you have an uncle Pickett in your family. If you do, take advantage of your good fortune. Visit with them. They may not know squat about the world wide web but there is still much you can learn from them. They might enjoy your company too.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful blog about Pickett. He would be very surprised and pleased to hear your comments. He'd mostly be surprised about being on the Internet!
Maybe you could send this part of your blog to his daughter.

Anonymous said...

Pickett keeps smiling despite the increasing frailities of old age because he's happy with his success as a husband, father, brother, son & friend. He exemplifies the old adage "you reap what you sew". He thrives on the love, suport & many kindnesses of his wife Jean, many relatives & friends who adore him. I'm so proud to say "That's My Dad"!! Maureen Edwards