Sunday, January 30, 2005

Stuart Hughes

Stuart Hughes is a world news producer with BBC World Newsgathering. The young Welshman's blog begins in February 2003 while stationed in northern Iraq. Shortly thereafter he stepped on an anti-personnel landmine. Five days later his right leg was amputated below the knee. His colleague was killed in the incident.

Mr. Hughes is now back on assignment. His observations are timely, his photos wonderful, and he even posts mp3 audio feeds. He just returned to England from a vacation in Nepal, walking no small distances on slippery, rocky mountain paths.Trusty leg

Not surprisingly Mr. Hughes has a keen interest in anti-landmine campaigns. He also shares stories of how he and other amputees get on with their lives. But at the core, Stuart Hughes is a reporter, visiting places most of us will never go. And he is willing share his experiences with us. Thank you Stuart.

In days past this young man would have been described as disabled and among the less fortunate. We now rightly recognize him as very fortunate, and very abled.

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