Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Fang, Redux

For those of you who remember, we last left White Fang curled up in the bathroom trashcan. After a few days he would flee to a variety of darker corners, disappearing entirely for long stretches of time. Eventually the trashcan was returned to its full upright position.

For about a week my wife and I exchanged kitten sightings and worried that our new cat had spent too much time in the wild to become acclimated to domestic affairs. Our most consistent contacts were the scratching sounds from the litter box, to which, thankfully, he quickly adapted. Then, if we were still, Fang would appear from underneath some piece of furniture to check us out. If we moved he would scamper back to the shadows. The sounds of food being placed in his food bowl also caused him to reappear, as it does most of us. Underneath the living room couch became his favorite hangout, centrally located where he could observe unseen most of the household activity around him.

Soon he was playfully swiping at feet walking by the couch. Finally he began to approach us and would accept gentle touching. More comfortable around my wife - probably remembering our little encounter on my mother's back porch - Fang was then in her lap, purring away. Finally, last week he jumped in mine. Yesterday as I watched TV from the couch Fang crawled up beside me and went to sleep.

Fang's relationship with our dog Jane remains cordial. Both seem to think the other was procured to be their playmate. That Jane is about 25 times larger seems not to be an issue. Night before last they were both underneath our bed discussing the events of the day.

I think Fang would consider the training of his new servants going extremely well. He is even working on our vocabulary, responding to his name in several languages, including Latin. He was greeted this morning as Fanglius. My favorite is Fang Blanc. We also have versions in Polish, Russian, Welch, and Japanese.

Here Fang-san!

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