Thursday, January 20, 2005

Railroad Earth, Part Two

Those early to this blog may remember my posting about Railroad Earth. Well all their touring seems to be paying off.

Phil Lesh caught one of their shows several months back while they were in California. That led to Tim Carbone and John Skehan sitting in with Phil during his three night, Phil and Friends stand at the Warfield Theatre in mid-December. The Internet Archive, also the subject of a previous post, has free downloads of the first two shows. Tim's work on Sugaree is especially fine.

Tim & John @ the Warfield

And this February 12th Railroad Earth will be the "musical guests" at the Unbroken Chain Foundation's benefit to aid the tsunami victims which will be held prior to Phil's Mardi Gras Spectacular 2005. Phil will be making an appearance with the band.

I wonder if they will do a Grateful Dead song? Which one?

RRE are scheduled to be at MerleFest in late April, playing three times, and again at FloydFest at the end of July. I have a feeling they will also be hitting their usual venues in Raleigh and Charlotte as well.

It looks like a good year for Railroad Earth.

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Malindi says:

too bad the Mardi Gras thing's in San Fran or I know a coupla folks who'd be up for a little show!!

ps. thanks for listening to me about the pics - even the one of your hand is chouette! (that's means 'cool' en fran├žais). but on behalf of your readers, please know we're faithful because of your wit and delicious, thought-provoking topics. the pictures only add to the ever-unfolding mystery known to us blogheads as Analog Guy. in short : don't mince on the words - you're a great writer.