Thursday, January 20, 2005

The Finger

One of my first posts was Thoughts While Nursing a Bruised Finger. In it I made a none too subtle reference to the recent election. Just in case a reader may have thought I was making up a metaphorical story, here is a photo I took today showing the blackened nail.

Oh my, it seems to be Inauguration Day. Should I pose those fingers differently?

Nah, I’m subtle. But you may use your imagination.


Anonymous said...

Malindi says:

you've had either a black finger- or thumb- nail every year that i've known you, pops. it's kinda your trademark. that's why i never asked you to show me how to swing a hammer!! (just kidding. . . )

warriorjason said...

Maybe you should have taken a picture of your middle finger out and the the rest folded and point it toward Europe. That would have been great.