Thursday, February 17, 2005

Travels with Maureen, Jesse and Abby

Garden at DuskIn my continuing series of Blogs I Like I have tried to mention not only those I like but samples of the kinds of blogs one can visit. This one is a wonderful example of a travel-blog.

If you page back to the beginning you can follow the members of the Pesta family from Indiana as they travel through India. They titled the blog Travels with Maureen, Jesse and Abby. What makes this blog special is that these folks are artists with much better than the usual standing-in-front-of-the-Taj-Mahal photos. In fact they are wonderful. Their stories are entertaining as well. They made me want to go back to India again.

The blog ended somewhat abruptly last December. At this point I had 'traveling' along with them for about a month. After my wait had gotten the better of me I commented on their last post. Within a few hours I received the following:
Hello, and thank you for your note!

Indeed we are safely back home. And admittedly we dropped the ball on closing out our trip on the blog. In fact, we were just lamenting that a few weeks ago when we got together and compared snapshots.

For what it's worth, we had the best intentions. We also have a few more stories we could tell. Like about how we started carbo-loading so massively at breakfast --stuffing our faces with toast, muffins, rolls, pancakes, chapattis, banana bread, danishes, tarts and any other bread products we could get our hands on--that we began referring to the morning meal as "breaDkfast."

Okay, it's not as funny as when we had the pants-fall-down incident. But the upshot is that we had a wonderful trip and we're glad you enjoyed our page.

I don't know how much longer they will keep this blog up. So you had better look quick. I really enjoyed sharing their adventure. I hope the next time they travel they will travel-blog again, and let me know.


Anonymous said...

You went to India? When? How come no one ever tells me to 'good stuff?'


Malindi said...

let me handle this one dad:

oh, Adam - child of the 80's - we've been keeping father's tour du monde from you far too long.

picture it: it was the 60's. dad's fashion was at it's bell-bottomed height ; he still had red hair and was as skinny as you or i. when an aunt left him $5,000 in her will, father chose not to spend the money on beer and women (that would come later), but rather invest his fortune in the Semester-at-Sea program. the ship left the United States and circumnavigated the globe, docking in a dozen ports including India & Africa, to name a few of father's favorites. As a side note, Joan London was on the same ship. It was during this voyage that dad first encountered the city baring MY NAME, and before verifing what it meant in the Swahili language, had it typed on my birth certificate some 15 odd years later.

i invite you, analog man, to correct or embellish the above story as you wish.

Bibb said...

Embellish? Me, Embellish? Humph!

Not bad, But it was our distant "Cousin" Stella Pickett Hardy, not an aunt. Joan's name is now Lunden. She was Joan Blunden back then. And the program's name at the time was World Campus Afloat. The Semester-at-Sea is the current name.

Still, not bad for off the top of that redhead.